Holiday intentions

Sharon goes through these questions for finding your holiday spirit every December on Design Yourself. This year, it’s not exactly spirit I’m looking for. I think it’s just peace after what has been an emotional rollercoaster of a year.

So here are her questions, with some of my reflections. I hope the questions spark some mindful intention-setting for you, too. I did this for myself last year, and the whole break felt incredibly peaceful.

1. What are some of your fondest holiday memories?

Childhood is, of course, a big one. Christmas was so magical. But more specifically, the lights, the food, the quiet time under blankets watching movies with family.

2. Are there any old traditions that you want to let go of or new ones that you want to start?

I’m always open to letting go of traditions, especially because I’m in a season of life where everything is in flux. One generation is passing away, and my generation is getting married, having children, and moving around for work. I know things will be different year to year, and I’m curious about what new traditions we’ll begin to build.

3. What’s most important to you this holiday season?

Quiet time. I am really looking forward to being quiet, to having a lot of time and space where no one is talking to me or asking things of me, where I can just be with my thoughts and let some things percolate that have been pushed to the back burner in this busy year.

4. What are you most excited about? How can you soak those moments up?

All the reading I am going to do. I am already good at cherishing my reading time. Under a soft blanket with a mug of hot chocolate is the way to go for me, and I never take it for granted now that I’ve recreated the space for it.

5. What emotion or emotions will serve you as you move through the next week?

Acceptance, if you can call that an emotion. Accepting whatever is happening in the moment and letting things be what they are.

6. What 2-3 experiences do you want to sit back and enjoy?

Holiday movies, holiday food, and not setting a morning alarm.

7. What MUST DOs are draining your energy? What opportunities do you have to delegate, get done quick, or revamp your approach?

I had this idea that I would clean my house, but I think I can let that go. I do need to do a few things for my January budget cleanse, and I can probably do all of them really quickly some afternoon or evening this week. I also want to finish my dissertation prospectus before January, and I think I can revamp my approach there, although I haven’t decided how just yet.

8. What would bring you relief to move from your TO DO list to your DON’T DO list?

The housecleaning idea.

9. What gift would you most like to give yourself this holiday season?

Quiet and slowness.

10. What gift would you most like to offer those around you (your loved ones, your community, the world)?

Hopefully my example of quiet peace.


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