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This used to be a too-enthusiastic bio that explained who I was and why this blog came to exist. It did not resonate anymore when I decided to resurrect this blog.

It is still true that I was incapacitated by depression from about the age of 15 to about the age of 27, and it is still true that I was in my thirties before I came to terms with the chaos and harm of my childhood, which had been hidden from me by a mask of outward normalcy. Those facts are probably still relevant.

It is still true that I am from Georgia, where I studied English in college, that I went to a private school I couldn’t afford and will be paying for until I die. I moved to Maryland after graduation to put distance between myself and my childhood. There, I taught English to high schoolers for a few years, then moved to D.C. to do a Masters in English, and now I reside in North Carolina where I am halfheartedly making slow progress toward a Ph.D. in English. I started with Faulkner, southern gothic, and trauma theory in undergrad, and have somehow ended up writing a dissertation about mid-nineteenth-century American female bildungsromans. All I want to do is teach but they make you do research to earn the qualification to teach college English. Sometimes I think the most pressing work to be done is in public high schools or community colleges. We’ll see where the future takes me. I’ve lost interest in accruing status and prestige, that once superbly motivating force.

For now, I work full time at a scholarship foundation and try to write in the interstices of the workday. I have a fiance, a nice boy from Ohio who has finished his Ph.D. and is soon away to be a Navy officer.