An ever-evolving, categorized list of wellness resources I use on the reg!


The Jess Lively Show (Jess’s first couple seasons of interviews inspire to live from values-based intentions, follow your dreams, slow down, and find peaceful fulfillment within.)

Design Yourself (Sharon gives practical and intuitive advice about how to decide what you want and go after it–Sharon has a down-to-earth approachability that I just love)

The Good Life Project (Jonathan Fields, whose voice soothes me, offers interviews and insights that make my heart feel inspired)

Design Matters (Debbie’s interviews with creatives inspire and hearten)

On Being (If I had Krista Tippett’s voice, I could die happy. But also the show asks the great questions about how to live and be human.)


The Power of Now (how to free ourselves from our egos and live in the present.)

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear (how to move past fear and live creatively.)

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (how to become your best self and change your life)

You Can Heal Your Life (if you’re willing to do the work, you can heal anything)

Daring Greatly (how to be courageous enough to face uncertainty and emotional exposure)

Playing Big (practical wisdom for women who want to speak up, create, and lead)

The Slight Edge (a guide to doing a little bit every day to achieve massive success in any area of your life)


Headspace (an easy meditation app for taking 10 minutes out of your day to quiet the monkey mind–a great place to start for new meditators)

Calm (another meditation app)

Insight Timer (my favorite free meditation app, with both simple timers and guided meditations on different topics)



Zen Habits

Be More With Less

Alexandra Franzen

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The Blissful Mind

The Everygirl

The Financial Diet

Soul Anatomy


Marie Forleo (Marie’s team delivers MarieTV episodes straight to your inbox every week, plus occasional content designed to get you inspired and working)

The Good Life Project

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Medium Daily Digest (I subscribe to a few channels, like Personal Growth, and most days, an article shows up in this digest that feels like a must-read)

Bloglovin’ Daily Digest (I love that I could just add all my favorite blogs plus the type of content I like and have it delivered to me in digest form every morning–I never miss a post I want to read from my favorite bloggers)


Minimalism: A Documentary About Important Things (Netflix)

Innsæi: The Power of Intuition (Netflix)