One year

I started this blog one year ago today. In honor of my humble little anniversary, I propose a toast:

To being utterly sincere. To being, rather than appearing. To pursuing what we really want, rather than goals that distract and protect from the pain of rejection. To walking in the fog for a bit, rather than presuming or forcing a theory of self. To taking lessons from trees, which are beautiful and gnarled and just are, slow-growing, perennial, invisibly but solidly rooted. To unplugging and existing in the now, detaching from the media–social and otherwise–that turns us into anticipatory selves, always wanting something else, wishing for one more thing, that will make us coherent and whole. To finding wholeness in the stillness and quiet. To aligning first and achieving second. To sitting with discomfort and feeling embodied, feeling feelings, rather than rationalizing and intellectualizing them away. To feeling admiration and gratitude, instead of a desire to prove ourselves. To knowing when we don’t know and relaxing into limitation, uncertainty, and ignorance. To rejoicing in the slow uncovering. To telling the story of who we are, with our whole hearts, without fear of being ashamed. To feeling at home with ourselves.


One thought on “One year

  1. I love the idea of pursuing presence in the moment (if that is what we are working towards); not taking the “easy” way out of life and constantly thinking “I should have done…” because, in the words of someone else, we could should ourselves all day long! Be IN the moment; feel it, learn from it, develop and grow as a result! Cheers to one year and many, many more to come!!

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