Keep going

Transmission to my younger self a few days before I turn 33:

I wish I could show you how good it’s going to be. I know you wanted to tap out so many times. I know things hurt so much and you numbed because it was too much. But look at you go, girl. You held in there, you kept getting up and going through the motions, and one day, you woke up to your life. You decided it was your life and it was short and time was wasting and you had important work to do and people to love. And now it’s so, so good. You won’t even be able to believe how good it’s going to be for you. So good for you. Even during hard times, you’re okay now. You feel all the feelings and it’s okay. It’s the magic of being alive. You had the strength to get yourself out of the shit and now you do things you love and surround yourself with people you love and you got scary good at saying no to everything else. That’s all you. That’s all you and the love you gave to yourself. Keep going.


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